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Paper discussion special issue the ECO3D model

Recently we have published a paper on Journal of Advanced Modeling of Earth System.

This is also a personal milestone because it is the last chapter of my PhD thesis. Below I will provide some details of this work.

In many of my earlier posts, I have discussed that our Earth system is always evolving in a three dimensional domain. The water flows, the atmosphere flows as well.
However, in our numerical simulations, we do not always use 3D method. Sometimes we just don’t felt it necessary. For example, we always assume rain drops on land surface in vertical direction even though rain can attack our windows with an angel.
In some other scenarios, we don’t use 3D because of computational resources. We can build a fully 3D model. But it is not useable if we don’t have the computer power to run it.
Land surface model is an important component in ESM. But current generation of LSM is 1D instead of 3D. There are many reason…

Paper discussion

Recently I started a series to discuss my own publications. The problem is I only have limited publications.

So I decided to start a new series: paper discussion of others' publications.

At PNNL, I have co-chaired the YSPD for one year and received lots of feedbacks on paper discussions. I think it might help other researchers as well.

Here are some guidelines:

I will only provide comments on papers I was not a reviewer so it in unofficial and not credential.I will be straightforward if possible.I may also comments on models and method. Thank you.