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The journey of a three-dimensional ecosystem model debugging and calibration

Currently I am working on the model development, debugging and calibration of the ECO3D model.

Due to the model complexity, I have spent great efforts to get things done in an appropriate way. Throughout the process, I have also acquired much experiences in model developments. Here I want to share some of the most useful tips. However, I will not discuss the technical aspects such as program language unless inevitable.
You may use OpenMP to speed up the program, but it appears that the debugger, such as the one I use, Totalview, is not quite friendly when debugging in multiple-thread. So I suggest you can prepare two versions of CMakeList files, so you can switch between for different purposes;Use conditional breakpoint in Totalview can save you some time when you are only interested in certain point/condition;Ecosystem models, or Earth system models, require a "spin-up" simulation, which usually takes a great length of time ranging from hours to days. So you don't want t…