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Hole and Boundary

We sometimes do not understand well enough of what we are dealing with in our daily life.
I was lucky enough to attend a seminar by Achille C. Varzi a few years ago, which inspired me on this topic: looking at hole and boundary from a different perspective.

This post is a mixture of both philosophy and Earth Science (but which discipline isn't driven by philosophy anyway?) The topic of this post is about hole and boundary, which are very common objects in our daily life.

By the definition from Wikipedia: A hole is a hollow place, an opening in/through a solid body, or an excavation in the ground. In another word, a hole exists because there is a closed Boundary between two different types of materials (often one of them is air). For example, a donut has a hole.

Now the question is how should we define boundary, which is not an easy task if you look closer.
For example, where is the boundary between a lake and its surrounding land? If you draw a polygon around the lake, you will so…