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Some thoughts on respiration and the role of microbe

I was recently upgrading some components within the ECO3D model, specifically the carbon pool and fluxes in vegetation, litter and soil.

The overall scheme of these components are illustrated in Figure 1:
Figure 1. The carbon pool and flux.
While it is well-known that the incoming carbon flux is mainly from photosynthesis process, which is also been well studied, the challenge is the outgoing carbon flux.
Without considering wildfire, etc., disturbance, "respiration" is generally considered the major pathway through which carbon is released back into the atmosphere. However, for individual site, horizontal carbon flux (DOC and DIC, etc.) is also important but it only services as a transport pathway.
In most terrestrial ecosystem modeling, respiration is broken into autotrophic respiration and heterotrophic respiration (Figure 2). Figure 2. Respiration in terrestrial ecosystem. Fundamentally, respiration is a biological and biochemical process occurs in cellular level. And it…