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Another thought on Earth System Model challenge

I recent had several discussions with several friends on various topics. Such as whether improving one component with an Earth System Model (ESM) necessarily improve the overall performance.

In the end, I realized that the problem we were discussing is actually very interesting and yet challenge.

To put the question into another perspective, consider the following scenario: if you want to buy a computer, here are three options provided to you:
Some low frequency CPU + 32GB RAM + unknown motherboard;Some high frequency CPU, i.e. i7 + 1GB RAM + unknown motherboard;Some average frequency CPU, i.e. i5 + 16 GB RAM + unknown motherboard. Which one will you pick for daily use?  Another aspect I also want to point out is that the "unknown motherboard", what if the motherboard does not even support the CPU or RAM frequency?
Let's switch gear back to ESM. Does ESM also have similar issue? To run a ESM simulation, you have multiple choice of land model, ocean model and atmosphere mo…