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How to write a computational climate model with confidence

I have covered many aspects of climate model related topics so far and I have also discussed quite a few examples in model development. I think it is time to warp up a post to serve as a guidance for whose who may be interested in this field.

In one sentence, if either of the following scenarios fits you, you may find this post useful:
You want to develop a new model, and you don't know where to start with;You want to modify an existing model and you also have no idea how. This post will be mainly organized in chronological order with moderate details. For each step, you may have to spend great amount of time but the effort will worth it eventually.
You need to know what question you want to answer and is there promising solution available. This step is generally considered as literature review. But during this process, you have to estimate whether you are capable to address the question under limited resources (time, intelligence, funding, etc.). You will also need to send many ema…