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Scientific writing: how to prepare a good image figure

"A picture is worth a thousand words", from Wikipedia, unveils the importance of figures in writing.
There are many types of figures or pictures, and in the field of Earth Science, image figure is one of the most important types.
By image figure, I mean a figure composed of matrix, such as
Link of the image.

(A selfie is also an image, but it is not commonly seen in scientific writing. Although the above figure is taken from the website, it is publication-ready in my opinion.)

So what makes a good  image figure? The figure above actually gives a good example, and we can see what are the principle elements in this figure.
A clear and concise titleAn appropriate map projectionA beautiful color bar and data presentationAdequate description (data source, etc.) Even without supplementary material, I believe most readers can understand this figure without difficulties.

So where are the challenges?
Usually we can easily prepare the title, projection and description with care. The ch…